There’s a place in every spiritual being where their center is, where the one desire of their life is. It resides in the heart of their heart. Their one desire might be to enjoy life to the fullest… Their desire might be to stay safe and secure…  Maybe someone’s one desire is to love, not follow rules, but really love God…. I’m surely not there yet but I want to be.

Ideally our heart of heart should be after God’s heart of heart. In His Temple which may be symbolic of His living person He has a Holy of holies. In the Holy of holies is a golden box with a few little miracles in it. But on top of the box is God’s heart of heart. When the priests go in to meet with God, God’s glory rests on the golden box on a place called the Mercy Seat. His heart was to show us grace through those priests.

Then when Jesus was on the cross and the earth was trembling, in the Temple the curtain enclosing the Holy  of holies was torn completely in two. This meant that not only were priests allowed in that room but we are also. So in the heart of God’s heart is us.


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