He’s All I Need

So trust him absolutely, people; lay your lives on the line for him. God is a safe place to be. Psalm 62:8 MSG

We can give Him our lives, our family’s lives and our friends’ lives and trust Him implicitly. We still need to pray for them but we can rest in the fact that when we pray He answers lovingly and wisely. I have three brothers I can trust. They are kind with me, they are wise with me, gentle, loving … I can trust them absolutely. They’re a picture of our God.

This version says lay your lives on the line for Him. Most versions say pour out your heart before Him. There’s a song and one of the lines is “Search me through and through till my heart becomes a home for You.” When we pour out our hearts before Him at the same time He is searching us to help us give everything to Him. There’s so much emotion and thoughts that we are unaware of. So He finds them and we pour them out before Him. As we do we become closer to Him and we become more at ease with Him and He becomes more at home in our heart.

God is a safe place to be. He’s a fortress of protection, He’s a place to hide, He’s security when we need it. When we have a need for comfort He’s a soft place to go. Thank You Lord for being Someone I can trust, at home in my heart, and my security.


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