Our Doorstep

Cynics look high and low for wisdom-and never find it; the open-minded find it right on their doorstep! Proverbs 14:6

There’s a wisdom found in living every day life. Friends give advice, concerned for our needs they help us out. The power in a lightening storm shows the majesty of God. A flower shows the beauty of the Lord’s tenderness.  Children teach us how to love. Doing our daily routines teach us the orderliness and complexity of God’s  creation. These aren’t literally on our doorstep but they’re near enough to us to help us see God if we’re watching and listening.

The cynic keeps his heart bound tight and can’t see God’s love, or the love of his friends. He’s  looking for wisdom in humanism, where man is god.  If only he would let in the light of the affection of his heavenly Father. He’d find wisdom to be learned from, love to be free in, and creation to be enthralled by.


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