A Message For Me, For You

 The police answered, “Have you heard the way he talks? We’ve never heard anyone speak like this man.” John 7:46

The Pharisees asked the police where was the prisoner they had asked the police to pick up. They were mesmerized and Jesus hadn’t even really done a miracle in their presence. So they couldn’t arrest Jesus.

We had a pastor at one point and he always said the message he was preaching spoke to Himself first. It meant something deep in his soul before it  was ever delivered to us. The singles would talk after church and the message had pinpointed something in each of our lives, not the same thing but something different. But it had moved us to the point that we wanted  to do something about it.

Maybe Jesus was talking about those thirsty policeman’s souls and they each heard the same message with a different, personal word for them. It’s a heartwarming, challenging thing to hear a sermon meant for you. And it’ll shake you up and stop you in your tracks. Maybe that’s what happened. They honored the message God gave them by not arresting Jesus.


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