Beauty of a Giving Soul

Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. I don’t mean that your help didn’t mean a lot to me-it did. It was a beautiful thing that you came alongside me in my troubles. Philippians 4:13,14

Paul who wrote this had been through a lot of difficult situations in his life. So by training he had learned to be content in whatever situation through Christ who strengthened Him. We can make it through uncomfortable situations, when money is tight, with a smile because of Christ, the One who made us. He didn’t create us, put us on this earth and walk away. He stays near and whispers in our hearts the message we need for what we’re going through. If we listen we find a grace that takes us through those situations that are less than ideal. Again, it takes training year after year and it’s something we grow in. It doesn’t happen on the spot.

If we’re content with the One who makes us, do we really need anyone else? Maybe not. Some people seem to be OK with their Bible, the Holy Spirit and a place of little means. But others see them and feel concern for their meager circumstances and they give. To refuse it if they’re content feels like almost the natural, right thing to do. But it isn’t. I’ve refused a gift and later felt very wrong. I hurt the person with the gift for me. What they have done is a beautiful thing. It blesses them and the word going around now is to not rob them of their blessing. But when we receive we participate in that beauty. We get to rejoice at their giving hearts, watch the smile on their faces, and please the One who makes us what we are. And we are permitted to enjoy a gift that will bless us and enrich our lives.


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