I was born to a mom who talked to me like I was her best friend since I was days old. She and I have to this day a very close relationship. I have a sister that in spite of my spite became my best friend when we were in college and high school. I have three brothers who are gentle, warm and wise and on whom I depend for those qualities and also for laughter. I have a very intelligent father who gave us all a little of that intelligence.

I have nieces and nephews and a great nephew that I love dearly. We have through the years had the best Christmases ever and we have soothed each other as we’ve gone through thick and thin.

I’m single and have friends who keep me grinning, who help me diet and exercise, who love the Lord and who love to have fun. We have varying qualities in common so each relationship differs from the other. But there is love and closeness between each friend and me.

My Savior just seems to have taken a seat inside my heart and gently watches over it. He speaks to me with a distinctive, poignant voice. I need Him now like at no other time. And I’m finding Him there. I have to admit though, that I don’t always obey the rules He has set up. But there has been so much grace rained on me that there is no more guilt for my sin.

I’m sure different people have different blessings. And blessings aren’t always as palpable as mine. I need to touch and feel my blessings. And yet I need that voice on the inside of me whispering like a warm wind. God has been very good to me. We all go through problems and He has been and is by my side. They say blessings sometimes come through raindrops and they do but yet there’s a sweetness to life. I pray for you that sweetness as your blessing for your years.

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