A Journal to Finish a Sentence…



DaySpring gave me this free product to review and all opinions stated are my own.

In God’s heart I am … gripped securely. Security is this girl’s desire. I’m not one to jump out of planes nor do I want to go where no other girl has bravely gone. So when I go to God and peer into His heart I find He grips me tightly, but gently. I am gripped eternally by my Savior’s hand. But most of all He grips me with love. Because He grips me I can face what comes bravely with a trust in Him.

In the picture above is a portion of the cover of a journal where we can finish the sentence many times “In God’s Heart I Am…” The journal is attractively decorated inside with swirls and hearts and girly doodles. It is very inviting to write our hearts into and to read Holley Gerth’s naturally flowing love for us girls who want to know Jesus better. On each page is a message from Holley. It can be a Scripture, a short sentence about who we are to our God, or a couple of paragraphs about how He loves us and how much we matter because He does.

Journaling was a special ministry to my heart when I went through tough times and when I was rejoicing. This journal will be very meaningful to me as I read again the messages from Holley and as God shows me more of who I am in His heart.


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