Fast and Sweet or Forged and Deep

Faith and Friendship is the subject of The Faith Barista’s Thursday Jam…

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Faith and our love for Jesus can build fast, sweet friendships. We have in common our lives lived longing to please Him. We’ve come from different experiences, different relationships past and present, and different personalities. Somehow that all blends into making a quick but precious bond of love and faith and fellowship.

Then there are the deep, strong friendships that have been forged by faith through the years. We have lived life together yet still with different experiences, different relationships and different personalities. But there’s one common thread…we have faced life together by faith. We may have struggled to believe at times, we have had times of complete trust in Jesus, and times when we’ve searched the Scriptures for how to live our lives. These times and fun, joyful experiences together create an intimate friendship that stands through thick and thin.

Both types of friendships are blessed and to be cherished. We have friends of faith to sweeten life, to bear our budens and to give wisdom. What a rich life with friends who love the Friend who stays closer than a brother.


4 thoughts on “Fast and Sweet or Forged and Deep

  1. “friends who love the Friend”

    I love that phrase. And I love that I have friends who fit that category. It is a blessing to share a common faith. Yes, it definitely makes for a rich life!

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