Joy Sees

Joy is the Dolphins winning?

Joy is a day gone as planned?

Joy is a perfectly clean house?

Well, actually that can be joy but joy is also much more.

Joy is a peace and a smile when the tire is flat.

Joy is a giggle when the potatoes burn.

Joy is trust when the computer has glitches.

Our sermon today said that joy sees the final picture.

The picture that God is going to finish what He began in us.

Joy says life may not feel wonderful but it ends with Jesus victorious.

And if Jesus is victorious, we have a part in His victory.


Because we can go to Him, a merciful High Priest who’s been through this cruel world.

He loves us as we go through our frustrations.

He will one day swoop down and rescue us and make us victorious in Him.

Until then we have our hand in His hand and our heart filled with His peace and warm with His joy.


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