He Holds My Hand

Hebrews 8:9 MSG …I led them by the hand out of Egypt…

Israel cried out for Someone to rescue them. They shed tears day and night because they were terribly mistreated slaves. The more they cried the worse the burdens they had to bear.

Moses heard their cry. But he was just a man. Who would rescue this broken multitude?

  When it seemed most hopeless for them, when they were about to despair, God began to move. He had heard their cries for years. Sometimes He has to tender our hearts by pain so we become pliable and moldable in His big hands.

The reward for their cries and waiting hearts? God led each one out by the hand.

I walked the aisle to say that I loved Jesus back in 1973. I was met at the front of the church by the youth minister. He took my hand and held it while we prayed and while he asked me some questions. To me it was a tender moment…someone comforting a girl who was trembling to walk to the altar.

Well, that’s similar to what God did for the Israelites escaping from Egypt.  They were out in the desert, hungry, thirsty, cold at night, hot during the day. God provided for every physical need.
But God did something only a tender heart would do. He held each hand of each Israelite all the way through the desert. He was there if they needed to talk. He was near if they had no words. Each Israelite had their own personal loving confidant and counselor just like we do.


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