Real Sacrifice

This was the Holy Spirit’s way of showing with a visible parable that as long as the large tent stands, people can’t just walk in on God. 9 Under this system, the gifts and sacrifices can’t really get to the heart of the matter, can’t assuage the conscience of the people Hebrews 9:8,9 MSG

God instructed Moses to build a Tent. In the Tent a Priest would offer sacrifices that the people brought to be forgiven of their sins. 
God was showing us this was ineffective for a few reasons. It easily became ritual, over and over they picked a lamb and maybe said, “I’m sorry” then went on their way. God didn’t  want perfunctory words nor a gift without heart. But that’s what it became. What He really wanted was us. He wants our heart and soul, completely and with all there is in us. When we give Him a heartfelt piece of us He gives us a clear conscience and all of Him…He loves deeply. 


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