Close to Our Hearts

Luke 2:19 MSG
Mary kept all these things to herself, holding them dear, deep within herself.

The shepherds were excited and were telling everyone of the miracle.That’s what they were meant to do…to speak what God had done.

Mary did something different though. She held all the excitement and the talk of angels dear to her heart. She was going to have to raise a son wisely. He would probably be a confident and even daring One whom she would have to be strong and temperate to guide. So she was preparing maybe for those days and for the day He realized who He really is. She could give Him the details he needed.

God tells us a lot of personal and public info. Some should be told by us from neighbor to neighbor. Some is so precious and so beautiful that it is meant only for us. And then we hold it close to and dear to our hearts to cherish. It will help us be even and wise like Mary for our work ahead.


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