God Grew

Luke 2:52 MSG And Jesus matured, growing up in both body and spirit, blessed by both God and people.

I thank my Lord that Jesus grew. We have to grow. We don’t come into this world able to drive a car or give advice to our child. Neither did Jesus. He did gain wisdom faster than we. But that was from living in subjection to His godly parents and learning the depths of God’s word…and being God.

I wonder when He found out He was God’s Son. A lot of us come to a place where we are called or God speaks to us about who we’re meant to be. Yet, a lot of us may not have a particular call on our lives but we pray to do God’s will and do our best to follow Him. Each way is just as noble. We are seeking God while He is seeking us.

Someone observed that Jesus was blessed by God and people… How would we tell if God was blessing someone? It wouldn’t be because everything good happens to them. It wouldn’t be  because they have all they could want that this world offers. Those two ways are superfluous and say nothing of howGod feels about His child.

When you have the Holy Spirit within and are learning God’s word, there’s a depth in your eyes. There’s a difference in how you speak. You also have words that help and heal in a humble, gentle way. That’s the way maybe that someone observed Jesus was blessed by God.


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