Holy Party

He wanted us to enter into the celebration of his lavish gift-giving by the hand of his beloved Son. Ephesians 1:6 MSG

A holy party may not sound exciting but God and His Son Jesus are no where near boring. Jesus’ first recorded miracle was changing water to wine for a wedding. They said it was really good wine. I’m not saying drink alcohol. I can’t drink for medical reasons, some can’t for emotional or addictive reasons. So you be careful. In heaven we’ll all be free to celebrate in joy and without care.

Then there’s the Father who celebrated His wayward son coming home. He gave His son a special robe, a ring and cooked some beef and invited everyone over to make merry. What brought that on was the son’s humble request to be forgiven. God loves when we confess … It brings out the excitement and joy in Him…. Party.

There’s an element of some of Jesus’ parties that isn’t at an earthly party but brings beauty and warmth to the evening. A lady came up to Him and she wept on His feet and dried them with her hair. She kissed His feet as she was weeping. She was a lady with a pit inside empty of love. Jesus had loved her gently and filled her pit with God’s healing love. She was saying thank you with all her heart as we will that night of our celebration.

What are the gifts Jesus has lavished on us? There’s that love that fills all the empty spaces in our hearts because of His nearness. But there are also promises God has given us in His word that in Jesus the answer to the promise is a yes that’s sure and firm without any doubt. So in heaven there will be a lot to celebrate and a lot of reasons to worship. I believe we’ll have fun and we’ll express to our Lord how grateful and healed we’ve been by His love. I can’t wait.


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