And He went off with him; and a large crowd was following Him and pressing in on Him. (Mark 5:24 NASB) 

The large crowds weren’t super spiritual or mature Christians. But they knew enough to be near to Jesus. He didn’t stop them. One woman who touched Him was blessed by Him in healing and in words. Pressing into Jesus is sometimes all we have in our spiritual repertoire and it’s the best thing in our repertoire.

If we want to be like Him, respond like Him, pray like Him, be comforted by Him the best way seems to me is to go near…as near as we can get. Some of us who have been Christians a long while lose our nearness. We become machine like in our beliefs rather than warmhearted. The best thing we can do is simply press into Jesus and become nearer to Him and then more tender like Him.

I am Thine  O Lord
I have heard Your voice
And it told Your love to me
But I long to rise
In the arms of faith
And be closer drawn to Thee.


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