Love Like Him

And many [of the people] spread their garments on the road,
and others [scattered a layer of] leafy branches which they had cut from the
fields. And those who went before and those who followed cried out
[with a cry of happiness], Hosanna! (Mark 11:8, 9 AMP)

The people were worshiping and displaying their worship with branches for the donkey to walk on. They were  happy and if they didn’t cry out in happiness the rocks would take the place  of their voices. How does Jesus, how does the Heavenly Father accept praise from fickle servants? Soon some of these folks will be yelling “Crucify Him.”

That’s His grace, His mercy. We worship and then turn around and mistreat  our brother or sister. We worship Him and then we’re lazy or too busy for Him. Jesus pours out love freely. He has no requirements just that our worship come from a loving heart. That’s pretty amazing love. Makes me want to be permanently near Him. Makes me want to permanently love like Him.


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