Passed Over

This is a fictional story not meant to represent any specific individual.

He had been taught the way of love, raised to be a gentleman. But some of us have wild oats in our hearts that we’ve just gotta sow. He began to walk farther and farther away in his heart. Fun was his aim no matter the consequences. He surrounded himself with people who were angry, bitter and needed fun as a release. Fun can be innocent and nourishing or fun can be destructive and useless. His fun was the latter. 

One night in the middle of Summer he was ill. It wasn’t a light cold it was a debilitating flu for six days. While he was deep in the midst of it Someone gentle moved within. It wasn’t words actually it was more a tender, loving touch warming his heart. He knew immediately Who that was. He longed to go back to the innocence he had. He had failed his Savior.

He had been taught that if you confess your sins He will forgive your sins and even cleanse you. He was in deep need of forgiveness and cleansing. Guilt is a heavy burden to bear. So feelin pretty miserable on the outside he confessed on the inside “Heavenly Father I have left you and gone a selfish way. I have caused you great pain and I know I have broken your heart. Can you find forgiveness and cleansing for this rebellious son of yours? He waited for an answer. It was quiet for too long. Then a verse came to mind “He doesn’t condemn those who are His.” Release. Tough, manly tears flowed. Years of rebelliousness with guilt attached were poured out. Freedom and a pure heart were what remained.

… because in the forbearance of God He passed over the sins previously committed; (Romans 3:25 NASB


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