What Exactly is Mercy?

B… Christ Jesus, Whom God put forward [before the eyes of all] as a mercy seat…(Romans 3:24,25 AMP)

This is a fictional conversation based on God’s word.

“Mom, what’s a mercy seat?,” asked precocious ten year old Samuel. 

His mom who was getting clothes out of the dryer said “it’s a long story. Come sit in the living room while I fold clothes.” “First of all where did you find out about a mercy seat?” 

“Mom, the pastor preached out of Romans Sunday, right? He said Jesus is a mercy seat. Mom, that makes noooooo sense!” “Oh yes. Well here’s the story…”

While Moses was leading the people away from Egypt and into the Promised Land God told Moses to build a tent that was a temple and it was called a Tabernacle. It was beautiful and royal for honor of God.”

 “Mom, what does this have to do with Jesus being a mercy seat. You’re in the wrong half of the Bible!” 

“Sammie, sweetie, I’ll get to the answer but I promise you’ll love this story.” “OK mom I’ll listen.

“Well, God had some cool reasons for this Tabernacle. Sammie, He wanted it to be His home here on Earth near His people!” 

“How could He live there mom? He’s ginormous!” 

“Sammie, how does He live in your heart?” “.I don’t know Mom. He just does.” 

“Exactly, Sweetie, some things we just don’t understand but we believe. Then another reason was for  the people to find forgiveness when they came there. One more reason was that He wanted to meet with Moses like a boy talks to his friend.”

 “Mom, you’re saying He talked to Moses like I talk to my bud Pete on the phone?” 

“No, Sweetie, more like when y’all are in the same room. Moses came out glowing from talking with Him. Now here comes the mercy seat.”

“The place in the tent that God met Moses God called the mercy seat. It was called a mercy seat because even though the people and even Moses sinned God loved them and showed them mercy.” 

“Mom, what exactly is mercy?” 

 “Well mercy is to love someone and have a kind heart for them  even though they’ve hurt you.” “Oh. 

So what does this have to do with Jesus?”

“Ah, for your original question.i’m going to ask you a few questions. Who lived inside Jesus when He was with us, His people?” 

“God did, Mom.”

 “Good answer, Sammie. When we need forgiveness, where do we go?” 

“To Jesus.” 

“Got it, Sammie! When we need a friend and no person is near who do we go to?” 

 “We go to the mercy seat like Moses did, only for us it’s Jesus!” “Exactly, Baby! You’re so smart.”


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