This is fictional and not a representation of any particular person..

“Mom, I’ve been reading the last few moments before they took Jesus to the cross.” said 17 year old Nathan. “tell me about it, Nat.” “well, Mom, Jesus washed feet. It’s kind of gross  but that’s not the real problem I have with it. I don’t actually have a problem but a consternation. It dismays me that right after Jesus washes their feet He says … Seen Me, seen the Father. …that’s inconceivable, Mom. Holy God washing dusty smelly feet like a slave.”

“Nat, I believe He was showing you a picture of holiness.” “Mom, that’s not really holiness. That’s servant hood.” “Nat what is holiness to you?” “Mom it’s sitting on a throne in a royal robe with all wisdom and complete sinlessness. That’s holiness.” “Baby, what if the world was upside down? What if all we’d ever learned was backwards? What if holiness was pure love, the deepest kind of heart felt you-are-more-important-than-me love?What if doing the simple things for others was an act of love, an act of holiness” “Well Mom, that I’d say is very beautiful. I like your holiness better than mine.

Jesus said to him, He who has seen Me has seen the Father;  (John 14:9 NASB)


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