Hope Against Hope

…, even God,.. calls into being that which does not exist. (Romans 4:17 NASB)

This is fiction based on the Bible.

God had promised Abe and his sweet wife Sarah that they’d have a child. They longed for this baby before he was promised more years ago than they can count. At Abe’s last birthday he turned 99. Sarah is beyond having a child.

So, Sarah talked with Abe. He always listened.

” Abe, how could we have heard God wrong?” Tears were welling up. She had so hoped but now it was distant replaced by an aching heart and tears when no one was watching.”

“Sarah, love, we didn’t hear Him wrong. I understand a bit how it feels to long for a child, not like you with a mommy’s heart though. I’ve been watching you suffer and wanting to help. I’ll tell you how I’ve handled it and maybe you can make some part of this your own. Our God promised me over and over again, including yesterday, you and I would bear a child together. He’s able to call into life a baby that does not now exist. With this being said for a while I almost lost hope too. So, because I want to trust I force myself to hope even though I had none.”

“Abe…..You’re so wise. I can do that. Those men that came yesterday saying we’ll have a baby by this time next year made me laugh. But I’m serious now.” She took his loving, wrinkled hand. “If you can hope I’ll be at your side hoping.”

Well, God as with each human called into being a precious baby soul and placed it in Sarah’s womb. God used Abe and Sarah’s love for each other and their poignant hope against hope to give a baby named Laughter.


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