How Do I Find The Guy

…for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6 NASB)

We were having a leisurely Saturday breakfast outside on our porch. We had fixed pancakes. My lovely daughter who is 17 will graduate next year. How I will miss these morning discussions when Ella goes off to school.

Mom, I want the right husband. I want the perfect one so our conflicts will be small and our relationship close and happy. How do I find him?

Baby girl, there’s no relationship on earth without conflict. But sometimes after the conflict is a special time of closeness. To find a man who would be a good one… I go into the Lord. Tell Him what you want. Mom, should i tell God all my details? Sure, baby but also ask Him to help you to be who a husband needs. Then when the discussion has finished and you’ve told Him everything tell Him that you have faith that He is good to those who long for His answer. When you believe that, you have your answer but He does reserve the right to answer His way in rare cases.

Be ready in your heart and with your skills. Learn how to cook dinner. Maybe learn to sew or decorate on a shoestring. Study Ruth and Esther who were two single women who found husbands. Ruth will teach you dedication and Esther will teach you when to be submissive and when to hold your ground and how to be beautiful.

I’m so excited for you! Your mom is going to pray for you too. You have a precious heart Ella. Ella said thanks Mom. You kick…uh, honey let’s just say you love me. Smile.


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