Fiction, not meant to represent any particular person.

The prayers of a father for his son as he goes through his stages.

Dear Heavenly Father, my little 5 yr old guy, is angry because I disciplined him. Show me how to find his heart again. Remaining angry just distances a little guy. Help me Lord.

Lord, my 10 year old big guy kicked me in the shins. He’s got a temper on him. How Lord can I show him love and make him understand that will not happen again?

Jesus, my 15 yr old says he’s ready to drive the car. But Lord he’s not responsible. I care about his safety but he’s at the age where he should know you. I’m concerned for his salvation.

Savior, you’re mine and you’re his now. Thank you so much for rescuing him spiritually! Everything isn’t perfect but it’s new and different. Heavenly Father I am so grateful and I’m so happy for my boy!

Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation. (Romans 10:1 NASB)  


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