Eskimo’s Trek

This is fiction. Not meant to represent any person or people.

He pulled his lines from out of the hole in the ice.Each line had four hooks with bait and he caught three to four on each line. A very good day! His wife will be happy. It was time to go in and start his day. He was making the trek into town with the dogs today.

Sweetheart I’m getting ready to leave. I left you with enough fish for a few days but I’m coming back tonight. You’ll leave me a couple won’t you? I know you’ll want to share with our widow neighbor. And I’m glad you do honey. “Go. Shoo! I’ve got work to do! But remember I love you and come home safe this evening! Now go. And she gave him a little peck on his face. He grabbed her playfully and hugged her and gave her a peck back.

On the way to town he liked to pray.  The dogs were a fantastic team so there was only a bit of work. He could focus on he and the Lord. Today he was talking about a verse he’d read. It fit so well with what he was strggling with. The more he wants to stop his salty language the more he’s angry, the more it just turns into ugly words. But he was reading in Romans early that morning that it’s not about  obeying a rule but about listening to the Holy Spirit. He’ll prompt him in his heart and he can follow.  Even more so it’s a relationship with God. That’s where we get a new life, not that everything changes all at once but he hae a new spirit that,ll change as God puts His finger on his heart..
Well, he and God discussed it all the way to and from. He finally got home to his warm house and his warmhearted wife. She asked him what he had learned during the trip. He said that you’re more beautiful than when we married. She popped him with the end of a towel. He grabbed a towel to join the skirmish.

So now we serve not under [obedience to] the old code of written regulations, but [under obedience to the promptings] of the Spirit in newness [of life]. (Romans 7:6 AMP)


2 thoughts on “Eskimo’s Trek

    • Thank you Janelle. I’ve got nothing without Him. It’s funny but fiction comes more natural to me. I’m trying to write articles for the Examiner online newspaper and it takes work. But it’s good to stretch.

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