Living Through Tough Times in the Spirit

That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. (Romans 8:4 KJV)


“Julie, I weigh 150 lbs and you can see how tall I am, 5’2″. I weigh too much, ok? I’ve got to do something. But…out of the blue last night, I don’t know who he’s been talking to, but my boyfriend breaks up with me be cause I’m….(tears start to flow)…because I’m fat. He said it…’you’re fat. I don’t want to be with you any more.'”

Julie said, “Well first of all no matter who he’s been talking to that is more than unkind, that was cruel and you don’t want to be with someone as hateful or weak minded as that. So good riddance. And don’t look back Jack! Second of all for your next boyfriend the object is to help each other with your issues. He’s got ’em; no one’s perfect. You help him and he helps you gently and with love.”

Sandi said, “Julie, in Sunday School yesterday Mrs. Brown said that the Holy Spirit would help us to obey. This seems like something I should be obedient in. This morning that donut store is on the way here. I got a little confused. Do I not eat because it’s better for me not to? Or do I eat because I don’t have to follow Joey’s rules any more? Do you get my dilemma?”

“Sandi, that’s a really good question. Yes, you have a real dilemma. You’re free of Joey, the law, and want to follow the Law of the Spirit of Life. However I would say you do what the Holy Spirit is telling you is best for your body. In every criticism no matter how cruel there could be an element of truth. You admitted you need to do something. So wash away all the cruelty and you have the Holy Spirit caring about your health. I said all that to say don’t eat the donut.”

“Yay!! I didn’t eat it but it was an awful tough choice. I got an apple instead. I’m serious about my weight. I’m going to lose 20 lbs. by September 30. Then I’ll go from there. But it won’t be back to Joey.”


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