Not my Job

Eliashib the high priest and his fellow priests began rebuilding the Sheep Gate. They dedicated it and installed its doors. [After building the wall] to the Tower of the Hundred and the Tower of Hananel, they dedicated it. (Nehemiah 3:1 HCSB)

I used to live in Miami and in 1992 worked for a church. Hurricane Andrew came along and ravaged the city. It literally ripped the wall down in our sanctuary. Of course, the people had trees down, wires down, and holes in their roofs. The pastor I worked for began to set up people as priorities … Who had the greatest need. He and the able men of the church took chain saws and temporary cover for holes. Little by little they took care of housing emergencies. Was it their job? No. But there was a need so the men wore a different hat those days and came to the rescue. 

Eliashab was THE high priest but he got his guys and they all became Construction workers. To me that’s so humble and willing-hearted. The heart of a priest, the heart of a pastor, the heart of a Christian should be people in need. Eliashab watched for their safety. He wore a different hat those construction days. And he came to the rescue.

The calling of a Christian is the needs of people. Our hearts should break when someone else’s is. Then we put on our hat and do whatever we can do to rescue. … But the greatest of these needs is love.


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