Baby Panda

They got to work and checked on mama Panda Bai Yun she seemed fine so the team went their way around the zoo even  though her labor would begin probably in the next couple of days.  Not long after that they got a call from a caretaker that Bai Yun was acting different. So they went back over there and she seemed to be in labor. They observed her and a little while after that Bai Yun started flinging nesting material. She was in labor and uncomfortable. 

As they observed her that day, it was a different labor. Not only was it different it was extended so the team was on pins and needles. They have data and numbers on these pandas, in this case Bai Yun, that give them a precedent for how things will happen. Well, labor was going fine, they hoped but it was different than with Bai Yun’s other pregnancies. And she was older, 21 years, and so they waited hoping. Soon the sweet baby panda came and the team was so excited to have it here they hugged and rejoiced. Then the old Bai Yun was back and took on  the baby with all her mama newborn habits. Little newborn weighs about the weight of a stick of butter. The baby squawks when uncomfortable and croaks when happy and mama Panda was doing her job.

Gao Gao is the baby bears father. He’s completely unaware of what went on  Sunday, July 29 at 2:10 p.m. when the baby was born. To find out if it is a boy or girl will take a few weeks. The San Diego Zoo has a hands off approach to the baby. Pretty soon  Bai Yun will begin leaving the baby in the den and she’ll stay away for longer periods of time and the team will know it’s time to check the baby’s heart beat, length, lungs, weight and possibly determine gender, not always. In 18 months the baby should be weaned, beginning at the 14th month.

I don’t have a verse this week. This was a miracle in itself.


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