There’s a new book out about Pinterest, sort of. Actually it’s really about how what we pin describes our hearts, personality and talents. The name of the book is Pin-terpretation and it assists us in finding our brand.

Squee! has set up a give-away of a Pinterest analysis and a free phone call for any questions. All we have to do is write one thing we learned from going through the book Pin-terpretation with our own boards and we are entered in the drawing.

I chose a lot of photos with lines and geometric shapes. This means order appeals to me. My life is kind of unorganized, I do what I want when I want. Pinterpretation suggested that a person with that quality would benefit from a routine. And I realize I need some lists, sticking to them and I would be a lot more at peace.

That’s just one item I learned from the book Pin-terpretation. It was fun and insightful and I learned a little more about who I am.

The link to the website is


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