We Miss You

It was a dream come true for me. For 50 years I had uncorrected hip dysplasia and the doctor was ready to put in a new hip joint. It never dawned on me all it would encompass of my sister’s life. My sister left her hometown, her husband, three grown children and a grandchild to be with me 24/7. This was no small sacrifice because her sons and daughter and grandchild either formally or informally (One is married.) live at her house and she couldn’t love it more. They seek her for food and wisdom and fun. In turn they mow the grass, fix the computer anything she could need. Their relationship is cherished by all of them.

I chose October 31 for my surgery assuming I would be well by the holidays. The surgery was delayed a week due to my health. It put me still in the rehab on Thanksgiving. I wasn’t progressing as I really should either. So my sister missed her kids immensely and they missed her on the Day of Thanks. They were all thankful just far from being together.

When I moved to my brother’s from the rehab she was my cheerleader and the one who spurred me on. There was much work to do since my joint was not right before the surgery. And I was also working on my diet, drinking water, exercising, putting my swollen feet up. Plus I interrupted her sleep in the early a m every night.

Just before Christmas she moved me home. It was so good to be home in the house she had cleaned and rearranged beautifully for someone with hip surgery. What a relief for me. I’m sure her heart was skipping a beat here and there getting closer to going home. It was still a couple of days before she saw all her adult children, grandchild and husband and when she finally did it had to be a warm, never-let-me-go-again hug.

I sent her a DaySpring card that said something like “I’m one person out of many in this world that you have touched. May the blessings you’ve given return to you multiplied many times.” It was perfect for my sister.


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