Weighty Requests

Dear Savior,

I have a friend who’s been ill a week or so. He’s a man of Yours who is gently but clearly preaching Your word. It seems the evil one might be at him a little. So I ask you to heal him with Your love and your grace. Help him know peace and freedom from pain. Carry him till he’s better and ready to come back to his flock.

Be with Billy Graham as he begins to reach out to each home in America. Prepare the homes by pricking our hearts so that we will hear the message he has from You. Help him to rejoice on his next birthday that each person has been touched by You. Lord we need a different spirit moving within our country. Help each of us to be willing to hear and to bow to You.

As Christmas is coming soon please place in my heart what each person needs to read in their card. I don’t want to be churchy I want to love them. I want to bring joy and tell them each how much they mean to me.

Be with the leaders of our country. You placed them there to be prayed for. Speak to our President Barach Obama about the choices he makes. Let them be wise and good hearted. Let the other leaders surrounding him make wise decisions also. Let the spirit of division be dissolved.

Be with my family’s Christmas. Let it be joyful for every one of us. Let there be much love and plenty of fun and bantering to keep us each happy. The gifts that are given may they be perfect.

Lord, my relatives that are far away, I love dearly. We won’t be together for Christmas but maybe in the Spring. Did I say I love them dearly? I’m so ready to be together with them all. We have so much in common in our love, in our joy and in our relationship with each other.

I’m going to go now. But one more thing I want to ask. I long for someone, a someone special. If you would get me ready for him and him for me I would be so at peace. Thank You, Savior. Donna

Do you have something weighing on your heart to ask Him? If you’d like leave it in the comments and I will be praying for it or put “unspoken” and The Lord will completely understand.


2 thoughts on “Weighty Requests

  1. I felt such comfort reading this message, Steve. I have lost many dear to me over the past few years and my heart connected with your wise and love-filled words. Thank you for sharing your experience. You gave voice to what so many of us are feeling right along with you. Thank you.

    • I’m not sure of your name, but I’ll be praying for you with your losses. I know it leaves a void and an ache. Christmas time makes the pain fresh again. I’ll be praying for The Lord to fill your heart, soothe the ache and give you joy for this Holiday Season. Thank you so much for commenting on the blog. You blessed me I pray that you are blessed warmly for Christmas and New Years.

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