Stay Near

Dear Savior,

You dropped off a secret on a starry night through frightening angels. But the secret was to give joy and light and life. And humble Shepherds were the ones to spread this secret to people hungry for love and forgiveness. A secret Savior.

Lord I could use a dose of joy. O Lord, grant that each one who has to do with me today may be happier for it. Mary Kay Ash

Jesus, hold my hand. My heart is needy. My mind is jumbled. But Your hand is calming. I long to talk to You with words that are warm and real.

Grace is why You came. Not to condemn, not to judge, not give the burden of the Law, but to forgive, to heal, to encourage holiness out of love for You. A Savior near to our hearts.

Stay near today, Donna

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2 thoughts on “Stay Near

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