Dear Jesus,

You’re my baby with the cute little feet at Christmas. You’re mine because you came for me to live in me and hold my hand. You’re the Jesus we talk about on the mountain. It’s beautiful to watch people bow in worship in a flash mob, planned or not. All of Christmas is beautiful, especially Your Name. Why did I forget how beautiful Your Name was? Anyway, Jesus thank you for leaving heaven to become common. You fill my heart.

The man from Hassad that Raavi Zacharias spoke to still has no clue but he can tell Raavi is good and wise. There was such power when Raavi said there’s a man that went through a sacrifice like Abraham’s son but the hatchet was not stayed. Our Jesus poured out His life and the man from Hassad felt the power as I did. This is not part of the beautiful Christmas Story but it affected me so. Jesus I love the power in Your name and the power in the cross.

Lord, I need to end a little more Christmassy. I shopped all morning in my head trying to figure something out for everyone. And I did. Thank You Savior. I can’t wait!

I love You, Jesus. Donna

If you have a request or something to share please leave it in the comment area and we’ll chat a little about it.


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