Dear Savior,

I love how You told us to ask for wisdom. You said ask, You don’t get irritated about us asking. You’re generous with wisdom and You desire we have it. It must be a gift You love to give. Then You say “believe” and that brings to my mind the little sentence that I love “You must believe that I am and that I am a rewarder of those that seek Me.” Lord, when I go near to You seeking You, You draw near to me. This all was to say the fact that we need wisdom, we ask.

My heart needs wisdom. I’m not good with money. I rather love to spend it. I need a way to curb my buying and love the feeling of satisfaction. I need wisdom and I believe You are a rewarder of those that seek You. I love You Savior.

My prayer tonight Lord is that this Christmas season I will be a person who loves warmly, who gives generously not of money but of herself. I can’t physically bow before You but let me bow completely from my heart. The tiny Savior grew up to give Himself. He deserves all of me.

Love You Savior, Donna

If you have a prayer request or comment there is a field at the bottom of the page for them and I’ll read them and pray or we’ll chat.


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