The Sacred, The Humble

Dear Savior,

I enjoy beads and ribbons and jewelry. Lord they don’t seem holy or sanctified but Ann Voskamp says they are.

Ribbons, jewelry

Ribbons, jewelry

All we do, our dishes, making our bed, sleeping on Your chest. It’s all holy to You. Do all we do to glorify The Lord. That’s in Your word somewhere. I have a hard time with dishes. Help me to talk to You while I do them. It would be just like or maybe almost like watching the water at sunset.

I came clean today with my money. So I’m on my way to a balanced budget. It wasn’t easy but it was good for me.

Savior, help me be humble this Christmas not just the day but the season. You gave Mary a beautiful but overwhelming task. She said be it unto me as you said … To the angel. So I want to say be it unto me. I want to be a humble servant. It doesn’t come easy to me. But I’ll be yours as best I can.

Make me humble

Make me humble

Thank You Savior, Your growing to be humble servant, Donna

How do you try to remain humble? Or how do you feel about dishes being sacred? I’d love to chat. There’s a comment space for answers or questions.


2 thoughts on “The Sacred, The Humble

  1. not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven-A difficult verse; but perhaps the following may be more than an illustration:-Among men, those who nurse and rear the royal children, however humble in themselves, are allowed free entrance with their charge, and a degree of familiarity which even the highest state ministers dare not assume. Probably our Lord means that, in virtue of their charge over His disciples (Heb 1:13; Joh 1:51), the angels have errands to the throne, a welcome there, and a dear familiarity in dealing with “His Father which is in heaven,” which on their own matters they could not assume.

    • Thank you for that meaningful reply. I understand what you’re saying to be that we’re welcome in a royal way before the Lord like a nurse that rears the royal children even though we may be doing common details. Is that right?

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