Girl’s Day

“Leenie would you like to have a makeover?” “Sure Aunt Donna. How about Friday?” Sounds good to me!” I brought all my makeup samples and so we played. We talked about the company I’m in has so many people in it who are concerned more with ministry to their clients than the money. They make money but that’s not their top priority. Their top priority is God’s appointments during the day. Leenie chose gold eyeshadow and a natural lipgloss. She felt there was too much color but she liked the way her face felt with the skin care products and the foundation primer. So we were going to ask her husband, Josh about the color. I said she was beautiful. Really beautiful.

Leenie's makeover

Leenie’s makeover

After the makeover we went to Josh’s restaurant to get lunch and his opinion.
Josh n Leenie

Josh n Leenie

Josh said he wasn’t used to the color depth either. Maybe someday? We had a wonderful lunch, a good time talking. Leenie said St. Augustine is a beautiful town that has plenty of community activities.

I captured some of the quaintness with my camera.

A cute fountain

A cute fountain

A couple of pretty houses

A couple of pretty houses

We ran some errands then I left and came back home. It was a priceless day.


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