Guests at the Manger

The lizard you can seize with your hands, yet it is in kings’ palaces. (Proverbs 30:28 AMP)

My Lizard in his new home

My Lizard in his new home

I wonder if there was a lizard worshiping the Baby with the sheep and cows. When a lizard moved into my Christmas tree here today I just wondered. What most of us are thinking is it’s too common, too undignified, unclean even. But what are we? He died for us while we were sinners. What God would be a true God if He loved us only when we were lovely, good, well-behaved, cleaned up? That would be an idol to placate not our God.

I have been and am unlovely at times. I have tested man and God’s patience. But God has always been warm towards me. There’s always been a place near Him especially for me. Sometimes it takes a few minutes of praying to find that place. There’s a place special for you also. I’m not sure what it takes. Probably saying an honest, maybe tearful, maybe warmhearted “Help.” He loves you before you cry for help. He doesn’t love you less now and once you get cleaned up he won’t love you more. He … Just … Loves … You.

So the Geico Gecko might have been at the manger. It’s a possibility.

Jesus earthly family

Jesus earthly family

You are welcome to leave a comment about the manger scene and who was there maybe.


2 thoughts on “Guests at the Manger

  1. I was thinking a bit about this on the bus today. Is it better to go straight to my 30s, 40s, etc. not experiencing any romantic relationship or going through the best relationship ever for 10 years and having it end bitterly? Is it better to have good memories to wistfully think back to, long for a cuddle and kiss, but also have the reminder that it couldn’t work out, or is it better to not know it at all? And I don’t know. To become strangers again but with bad feelings in between, I don’t know if that’s something I’d want. I’m basing this off the Wongfu video and assuming lots of relationships end bitterly (and maybe eventually transform into platonic friendships).

    • I’m really sorry that there’s no clear cut answer to your question. I will say I was close to someone for a few months and lost him to heaven. It’s still very bittersweet. I miss him terribly but there were so many wonderful memories of his smile and the joy he brought to me. It hurts.

      But i will tell you this my relationship with my Savior is so more important than romance. Romance falls into place if you want to pursue that direction. But the Lord is sweet and near and warm hearted. Don’t ignore him. He’ll keep you straight, He’ll keep you wise and that’s something we all really need.

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