Pieces of our hearts


You said in Proverbs 15:24 that we enjoy answering questions but what matters is that there is an answer that meets a need, The first part of this is so me. I love chatting and giving answers. But I need You to help guard my tongue to answer a heart question or need. Prick my heart so that what comes out is You.

My <3 for you to prick Savior

My ❤ for you to prick Savior

Thank you for letting our pastor be with us for Christmas. You heard the voices of your people. We're ready for a heartfelt Christmas weekend and Christmas Eve. All is calmSavior please continue healing him as we all wait patiently on You.

I can’t wait for Christmas. It’s just fun giving a tiny gift

Tiny gift

Tiny gift

to each of my family, eating Christmas Dinner together, just the fun of the nearness of us all. Christmas is about giving. God, You gave Jesus to us.


You gave a piece of Your heart to us in Your Son. Help us as we give on Christmas to give a piece of us and not just a tiny or big gift.


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