The vulnerable ones and our country


I became aware today that there are more slaves now than ever in the history of the earth. They’re only rescued at 1 for every 99. That’s 1%! The slave owners use children for labor and for prostitution. They’re sold often by their own families. I’m broken. They need an advocate. One like You who can move in broad strokes and powerful sweeps to be the Deliverer on their behalf. Please, Savior, answer our prayers.

Savior, I want to do something to minister in this situation. I can’t sit idly by with little ones and older ones being used but i have no money. Maybe writing. Guide me to my next step. Speak in my heart words that lead me. Your ways are higher than mine.

Then also I’m concerned for our country. Breathe through Washington with Your Holy Spirit. We need reserve and wisdom in our actions. Please preserve our freedoms. Help us be grateful for all we have and give us hearts to love You. I love you, Savior. Donna


3 thoughts on “The vulnerable ones and our country

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