Life is a Dance

So Mordecai went away and carried out all of Esther’s instructions. (Esther 4:17 NIV)


At intervals through the book of Esther Your word says that Esther did exactly as Mordecai instructed. He was her older cousin and a godly man who had adopted her when she became orphaned. And Hegai was the man in charge of the girls in the harem who were waiting for the king’s approval. Esther followed everything he said because he knew the king’s preferences better than she could.

All this following-instructions seems that it would make a girl not to have a mind of her own. But Mordecai had not only disciplined but also loved her and raised her to love You. So she had all the confidence and wisdom she needed to give Mordecai her plan, God’s plan, to rescue Israel. And the plan was wise so Mordecai followed her every instruction.

Lord, I’m discovering that life is a give and take. It’s a dance. I follow what he says. He follows what i say. Relationships are to be walked out in grace and mercy and wisdom.

Thank You Lord,


2 thoughts on “Life is a Dance

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