Friends Prayed For

God spoke to me on April 27, 28, 2013. It wasn’t a strong, power packed sermon. It was soft from women who had needs sharing at a retreat. And what my Savior said through them was that i should be praying about my needs and answers to them. He loves those ladies and He loves me and His desire is to meet my needs as He had met theirs.

I’m now in the process of praying for a friend to come into my life, a single friend. I am single with several near or long distance friends who are married. They’re sweet and we’re very close but i can go a week and not talk to one. image Being alone i actually need a daily friend to chat or laugh or cry with. I’d also love a mentor. She wouldn’t have to be single so that maybe she could tell me how to be a person a gentleman would want to marry.

I’m glad Annie Downs is on the (in)courage team. Hearing all she does is encouraging to me. I may or may not be a leader of a group in the near future but i’m writing a book and she’s been published. That gives me hope.


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