My neighbor knocked on my door and said my tire’s flat. He’s so observant and watchful for me. I figured a little on the low side. But no. It was flat as a pancake. So my sweet brother and his sweet son came over to deal with the quandary. I say quandary because not only was the tire flat but the spare was flat also. My nephew came over the next day and, bless his heart, he pumped the spare up with a bicycle pump! He said it took 395 pumps to get that tire usable! But it’s worked really well since then.

Truck tire temporarily fixed

Truck tire temporarily fixed

Being single can be difficult without resources. I’m fortunate to have neighbors and family. I pray for them to love Jesus and to be safe and to find girlfriends. I’ll be praying for you that you find resources also, ones that are wise and safe. And i’ll pray we’ll love Jesus with all our heart, we’ll be safe and we’ll find girlfriends or boyfriends who are sweet in love with Jesus too.


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