Churches serve all kinds of purposes. They offer a closer relationship with our Savior. They offer music that leads us to praise. They’re kind of a protected sanctuary for those who enter. But also they are a place where close friendships can be nurtured.

I’ve found myself in a place with no frieńds. I changed churches right before i had major surgery. So i lost my friends at the old church and my new friends and i were dispersed. I’m in a predicament. I haven’t been going to church, my own choice so i need to make a change somehow.

We need friends, single friends. Our hearts were made social.

Tea with friends

Tea with friends

We don’t need to go to work, go home and do the same thing the next day. We need to play and chat and forget the day. Let’s pray for each other to find a fun friend in the next couple of weeks!


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