Second Honeymoons, Reality Shows and Love

Memorial Day Dinner was much more. I climbed a counter stool to look at pictures. My brother and his wife got married when they were “just kids” and went to the beach resort out of the country for their honeymoon. They just went back three decades later and they’re young now almost like “then.” The pictures are beautiful. God made colors of water, painted houses, sea glass so much so beautiful and they so relaxed.

In the midst of going through honeymoon pictures my nephew and his girl walked in. She had a new ring on her left hand! It was the sweetest ring for the sweetest couple. We talked about where they’ll get married and had a good time with the discussion.

After really good hamburgers and home made mac n cheese, talk between us ladies turned to reality shows. I love my family.



I told my sister-in-law that sometimes when i think about them i love them so much my heart aches.
My <3 aches

My ❤ aches

Being a single they could choose to not include me. They could leave me out of wedding plans, reality shows and second honeymoons. My nephews and nieces chat with me. The church should be like this. Maybe yours is. I hope so. It's a wonderful thing to love and be loved.

If your church is not or your family is not, i'll be praying for you and me that we'll minister in such a way and the church will minister in such a way that we'll all be blessed … Single or married.


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