To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices to Me [unless they are the offering of the heart]? says the Lord. (Isaiah 1:11 AMP)

His heart

His heart

I go to church and sing. Lots of songs. Maybe one will bring worship within. All day long I do work around the house, even writing something spiritual. And I don’t worship from within. I don’t ask what the Lord wants me to write. I just feel something in a verse and that’s what becomes my blog or my article. All that I do all day should be to His glory. Not by rote, not out of only habit, not begrudgingly.

My heart needs some time with Him. Not my brain. This idea has been placed in my heart. I have a double portion of God’s love for me. Not because i’m worthy, you have that same double portion. I can trust His love to always be there. He gives me wisdom and peace when i am in a difficulty. Just for a question.

I feel like God doesn’t want a formal bouquet of flowers. He just wants an asymmetrical, natural, colorful handpicked bouquet. One that came from our heart not our pocket.

A bouquet for Him

A bouquet for Him

That would be what would please His heart.


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  1. The Lord is saying through the peace offering, “Come and enjoy fellowship with Me any time you want. My arms are always open to receive you and enjoy your heartfelt company!” God’s invitation to the worshipper through the peace offering was an open-door policy. Instead of being based on complicated religious requirements, it was an open-ended invitation to come and talk, sing, laugh, cry, mourn, dance, or weep.

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