I, Paul, am on special assignment for Christ, carrying out God’s plan laid out in the Message of Life by Jesus. I write this to you, Timothy, the son I love so much. All the best from our God and Christ be yours! To Be Bold with God’s Gifts (2 Timothy 1:1, 2 MSG)

I love Paul’s attitude. “I may be in prison. All i can do is write letters. An occasional official comes to know Jesus. The Lord has me on special assignment.” It’s as if he’s got his tape on Mission Impossible and it just self-destructed.

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

His assignment, that he chose to accept, however unusual, is from God. He followed God’s instructions and how it has been courage and instruction down through the years and now to us from the Lord.

Paul says: “Be bold. Not be obnoxious, not be timid but unafraid and brave.” I was timid to tell an elderly friend about a relationship with Jesus. We were very close and i wanted her to receive it well. Someone showed me a way and i became excited to tell her. The Lord had used them to embolden me. So i talked to her and she came to know the Lord. Timid me couldn’t do this without the Lord’s work on my heart. And i’ve never had this privilege before or since.


One thought on “Emboldened

  1. On a cold December evening, Matthew enters the kitchen and realizes too late that Anne and her friends are already there conducting a rehearsal of “The Fairy Queen” in preparation for the Christmas concert. Shy of all the little girls, he stays silently in the corner until they leave. While observing the group, Matthew notices that Anne is dressed differently from her friends. He becomes convinced that she needs more fashionable clothing and goes into the town of Carmody to find a bright dress with puffed sleeves. Shopping is not an easy task for such a shy man, but Matthew summons his courage and goes to Samuel Lawson’s store, which he thinks will not have a female clerk at the desk. Much to Matthew’s dismay, he finds that Samuel Lawson has hired a female clerk, Miss Lucilla Harris.

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