But the Portion-of-Jacob is the real thing. He put the whole universe together And pays special attention to Israel. His name? God-of-the-Angel-Armies! (Jeremiah 10:16 MSG)

The portion of Jacob is a life that is never ending. But it’s not never ending alone. How empty would that be? His portion is a Person. He’s a creative Person. He’s a protective Person using His powerful, angelic beings. He is Love.

There are times I need a Person. A Friend in my heart when I’m concerned about the state of our world or the state of my life comforts like nothing else. God can protect us Himself but He uses angels that can be visualized.

Angel Army

Angel Army

Not quite with skin on but someone a little close to being tangible. When a friend needs encouragement or maybe someone’s heart is aching He is Love to minister through you.


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  1. Jesus as a teenager is probably working on His carpentry skills to please His Joseph-dad and a whisper wafts into the ear of His heart. “This day i declare I have begotten You and You are My precious Son.” He Loved His Son, the darling of heaven, and had begotten Him through one willing heart of a teenage girl. Jesus was close enough to God that He understood what His Father really meant. He had begun to realize there was something different about Him. He could do small acts of kindness for people by creating what they needed spontaneously. He carefully kept it a secret. Only His mom and Joseph-dad were aware.

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