He opened a rock, and water gushed out; it flowed like a stream in the desert. He brought His people out with rejoicing, His chosen ones with shouts of joy. (Psalms 105:41, 43 HCSB)

Sometimes i live in a desert. No boyfriend, no babies, people who hassle me. It’s difficult and lonely and dry. We weren’t meant to live like that. We were meant for rejoicing and joy.

Rejoicing and joy come not when i have a boyfriend, have babies in my life, and not a soul hassling me. The joy comes because God dwells in my heart. He breaks open my stone heart and water flows to lighten my load, give life to those around me and give me abundance whether there are people close to me or not.


A bouquet for Him

Green was never my favorite color. But now it’s got meaning to me. Green says life that is in my heart growing. Green says shade and rest for a while. Green says God providing a stream in the desert.image


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