His breath

The skies were made by God ’s command; he breathed the word and the stars popped out. He scooped Sea into his jug, put Ocean in his keg. Earth-creatures, bow before God; world-dwellers—down on your knees! Here’s why: he spoke and there it was, in place the moment he said so. (Psalm 33:6-9 MSG)

This is so fun! To be watching the sky and like popcorn one by one the stars come out just because He breathed!

Stars, rocket

Stars, rocket

His breath is meaningful. He breathed into Adam’s brand new nose and he immediately had life, thinking, worshiping life within. He breathed His word into the writers of Scripture so that each word is perfect.

Sea and Ocean are in containers. When Sea erupted in a huge storm, Jesus had to tell it to calm down. God put teeming fish in Ocean and all kinds of creatures that we have yet to experience because we’re unable to get to the bottom of the water.

Those of us on earth are to bow before Him. If only because of creation He is deserving of amazed worship. But there is more. We’ve sinned, each of us. And it meant hell. But He, Creator, breathed a story onto the earth. His Son came not to condemn but to love. And He died

He died on a cross

He died on a cross

to give an escape from hell. Then God breathed life into Him and He now had power over the enemy of each earth-creature.


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