…But offer and yield yourselves to God…(Romans 6:13 AMP)

I can run my own life. I make my choices without asking my Savior, not reading His word,

Bible, His word

Bible, His word

not following my conscience. I’ve lived like that…recently. It happens a lot when I get away from other people who know Him.

My calling, my place in this world, the location for my soul is in my Heavenly Father. It’s how I stay pure, sensitive to others’ needs, living free to give and love.

Right now, this minute, I need to offer and yield me to Him. I need that sharpness of insight from Him. “Father, i need You. I need to be in You. I need answers, the security of Your double portion of love. I need the light for the next step.

Light for next step

Light for next step

Thank You Savior. I trust You.”


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