Charming Portion

A portion was where God chose for each Israelite tribe to live. They conquered it and walked it to claim as their own what God had given them. It was completely a gift from God but they had to receive, accept it.

When we believe, God becomes our portion, the place we live. We can get to know every inch of Him as we go through this life and on through Eternity. Why does this matter? What is good about having Him as our portion, our home?

Lord, You are my portion and my cup of blessing;

He fills me with His beauty.

He fills me with His beauty.

You hold my future. (Psalms 16:5 HCSB) This was a Psalm of David and he loved some things in His God. He had some things that were beautiful and trustworthy.

For me, personally, having God as my portion means nearness to Someone Who strongly, sweetly loves me. He’s beside me in a heartbeat when i have a frustration or quandary. I become fearful sometimes and He comforts me by giving me words to pray. He has a Book which has Him written on each page. I just read a quote that said when we read that Book the Author cups our face with His tender nail-scarred hands. He also gives me joy and I find laughter in my family.

My portion is God, not because i deserve it, it’s just a gift. It’s a gift offered to everyone. I’m anticipating discovering more of Him in my heart and in His Word. He’s rather charming and yet quite faithful.


One thought on “Charming Portion

  1. We need this same assurance. We are shaped before our birth by God and reborn in baptism. We, like Jeremiah, Elijah and Elisha, have divine power. Paul defines that power for the Corinthians in the second reading. What explains the enigma is simply the love of God, the only power that never fails. It is the greatest of all the spiritual gifts. With it we have the strength of God.

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