Gone Astray

For you were like sheep going astray, but you have now returned to the Shepherd and Guardian of your souls. (1 Peter 2:25 HCSB)

I went astray in my early 20’s. …didn’t want any of God, not a breath, not His name, not a word about Him. But the Shepherd and Guardian of this sinner’s soul was kind enough to have other things in mind. Someone prayed for me out loud in front of my family. Normally I would have been embarrassed but it was the breath of God that I didn’t realize was so beautiful. A friend asked me if I’d go through a little book with her to get together and talk about it. “Sure” I said. We began to have meaningful discussions on God. I told her how I felt and she answered a lot of questions i didn’t realize I had. My family was accepting of me.

Most of all my mom wrote verses and quotes on index cards and placed them on my pillow to, well encourage me, but I could tell it was because she wanted to help me and she loved her ornery daughter.

With all that love from friends and family what could i do? I had to return to the Shepherd and Guardian of my soul. When I did He immersed me in Him and His word. His word may seem like it would get boring. But it talks of Him on every page. It’s electric because he has a message for you or for me that He wants to whisper in our ear. It’s a personal message that touches the deepest places in us and changes our heart. It’s a message of love and forgiveness. I don’t ever want to miss it again.

His word

His word


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